Tiburon Golf Club – Black Course

Greg Norman did not use some sort of black magic here when he created this course, but it sure does have some interesting effects. The Black Course of the Tiburon Golf Club in Naples,Florida has a way of leaving golfers bewitched and utterly in love with the course. This reaction, though, is quite easy to explain: it has gotten the ingredients for an excellent golf vacation destination in the exact amounts – scenery, challenge, amenities. Once a golfer is spellbound, there is nothing else that he wants or needs from it; just more time.

The Black Course, along with its sibling Gold Course, are the two Greg Norman-designed courses that make up the Tiburon Golf Club. The Black Course lists shorter in yardage, at 7,005 yards, par 72, from the longest tees but Norman made sure it never ran short on being exciting. And by exciting, he actually meant unforgiving and extremely demanding. Its fairways and landing areas are tight, and the water and sand hazards make it even tighter. The trees will make their own statement, too, somewhere along the way. This is one tough golf vacation, to say the least. But its toughness is quite addictive, it borders on being masochistic on the part of the golfers.

Thankfully, there are five sets of tees at the Black Course, so lower-handicapped golfers need not worry. It plays fair and gives a golfer the result he’s played for – no more, no less. No wonder people come here for one golf trip after another – there is not an antidote for its spell. Neither would anyone want to break free from it.


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