Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club – Copperhead Course

The Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club is one golf vacation destination that is not only big in size but on facilities as well. That much is known not only in Tampa area, but in all of the golfing nation as well. But there is one component of the resort that tops everything else off. The Copperhead Course is perhaps the most popular of the four championship courses on the resort. And no questions asked, its layout, scenery, and superstar player list will more than suffice a justification.

The Copperhead Course, being the host of the Transitions Championship of the PGA Tour fame, brings in golfing superstars year after year. This Larry Packard creation was made to be a daunting course, that even the world’s best golfers are fazed by its unconventionally dramatic elevation changes, and tight, tree-lined fairways. Not to mention, the surrounding lakes and ponds are not there merely for aesthetic purposes. They will make their presence felt in the game, and it is not going to be as tranquil as they look. Golfers who spend their golf vacations here are in for an unforgettable experience of stellar proportions.

Another thing that makes an appearance – rather frequently – on this golf trip haven is the wide variety of wildlife in the area. From fox squirrels to alligators to bald eagles to countless kinds of water fowls – they all make their presence known to the guests. The Copperhead Course is the perfect place for a round of golf closest to nature. There is no surprise in its being the No. 4 course in Travel and Leisure Golf’s list of Florida’s 50 Finest, and ranked among America’s Top Resort Courses by Golf Digest. A course of this caliber naturally deserves a superstar status.


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