World Woods Golf Club – Rolling Oaks Course

Tom Fazio is known for his excellent layout designs. That much is true. Out of all his array of “excellent” designs, he singles one out as the “best”: the Rolling Oaks Course of the World Woods Golf Club and its sibling course, the Pine Barrens, in Brooksville, Florida. And he’s not alone in saying that. The Rolling Oaks, for example, is rather comparable to the legendary Augusta National. The golf vacation destination makes the most out of Fazio’s undeniable genius and Florida’s gift from nature.

The Rolling Oaks Course of the World Woods Golf Club is characterized by huge old oaks draped in Spanish moss. The course also features some stunning rolling fairways and undulating greens, accented by beautiful azalea bushes. Unlike its sibling course whose bunkers are rather wild and huge, the bunkers on this golf course are defined sharply with bleached white sand. The holes are pretty much forgiving, and are more accommodating to golfers of all skill levels, making golf vacations here a perfect retreat to just about anyone who loves the sport.

Proof that the Rolling Oaks Course of the World Woods Golf Club is as excellent as the designer says it is, three of the world’s largest golf publications have either picked this out among the rest, or have ranked it as among the best. Golf Digest, out of the more than a thousand courses in the Sunshine State, ranked it 24th best in design. Golf Magazine has it 53rd in its list of Top 100 You Can Play. And Golfweek ranked it 74th Best Course Built since 1960. But the best proof, undoubtedly, are the countless golf trips spent here season after season of people who want nothing but great golfing experience.


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