World Woods Golf Club – Pine Barrens Course

“Never be too intimidated, neither too relaxed.” This should be the mantra of every golfer who plays a round or two at the Pine Barrens Course of the World Woods Golf Club. This Tom Fazio design in Brooksville, Florida, is on a totally different level on layout and scenery both. And by “totally different level”, it means being ranked among “America’s Best Modern Courses” by no less the Golf Week Magazine. That sure does take golf vacations to epic new heights as well.

Measuring 6,458 yards, this golf vacation destination is a combination of naturally good surroundings and even better layout design. Fazio proved his unmatched genius with this creation carved out of thick Florida pine forests, hence the name. The Pine Barrens Course of the World Woods Golf Club features wide and rather wild waste bunkerings. On top of that, the course also features dramatic and surprising elevation changes, making low scoring a bit of a battle mentally and physically. Intimidating can be too much an understatement for the skill-challenged golfer.

Good to know, though, the Pine Barrens Course pf the World Woods Golf Club has a perfect way to counter the drama. Its beautiful Florida surroundings give the golfers a retreat, a room to breathe. That, and the many world class amenities of the club will surely make frequent golf trips out of any golfer’s first. Just as this course is a balance of beauty and thrill, golfers will have to bring some skill to counter the intimidation, and the course will take care of the relaxation.


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