PGA Golf Club – Dye Course

Pete Dye’s taste in golf course architecture borders on the eccentric, sometimes being the subject of conservatives’ ire and criticism. The PGA Golf Club – Dye Course in Port St. Lucie, Florida was no different. The collaboration project between Dye and the PGA of America had to go through “surgery”, to tame the golf vacation destination. The result? Not anywhere close to “tamed”, but a little more relaxed for a Dye creation. And as expected from this golf course designer, it is as beautiful as it is challenging.

The links-style golf vacation favorite has been renovated by Dye himself, creating a layout that highlights the natural beauty of Port St. Lucie, and sweeping views of the stunning 100-acre “Big Mamu” wetlands. The course is surrounded by pine straw roughs, huge coquina waste bunkers, grass-based bunkers, and generally generous landing areas. Although the course looks threatening, it actually is not. It may seem as it is, but to the patient golfer, the PGA Golf Club – Dye Course is more forgiving.

Apart from offering quite a good round to any golfer, this golf trip haven is nature-sensitive too. Its drainage system has undergone a massive reconstruction, too, to ensure that it is environmentally healthier, to complement its superbly challenging layout. The PGA Golf Club – Dye Course also features the PGA Learning Center Golf Park, the PGA Historical Center, and a citation from Golf for Women as one of the top 50 Courses for women. From being an unconventional course to a much less eccentric one, this Pete Dye creation is a true testament to his genius; its excellence in layout never changed one bit even after the transition, and nevertheless earning golfers’ admiration in the process.


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