Sycuan Resort – Willow Glen Course

Art conservatives are usually wary of remakes. At best, the reaction is just plain scornful. At worst, they border on the outrageous. Many conservatives of golf design must have crossed their fingers when Ted Robinson and Dave Fleming handled the renovation of the William Bell design in what is now known as the Willow Glen Course of the Sycuan Resort in San Diego. But from the looks of it, the golf vacation destination looks rather pleasant that even the tightest of conservatives would be beckoned to agree and enjoy a round or two.

The Willow Course of the Sycuan Resort is part of a grand, 54-hole facility. The course is surrounded by a good helping of oaks, pines, eucalyptus and plane trees, and is secluded mostly from the rest of the course by a range of hills. This makes for rounds of golf that are serene at most, peaceful at best. In perfect contrast to the calm surroundings, golfers would have to battle inner turmoils from the rather difficult course layout. Playing on several holes, the Sweetwater River puts its own name in vain and gives golfers something to be bitter about along with several ponds on the course. The strategically placed bunkers and elevation changes also play their roles in making it hard to decide whether this course is easy or not. The bottomline is, it has the capacity to bring EPIC into every golf vacation.

It must have been difficult for old school artists to see the classic being remodeled. Good thing the Willow Course of the Sycuan Resort does not fall short of the glory days of its predecessor. The golf trip haven is every bit as amazing as the original, and conservatives need only give it a shot and they are surely in love.


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