Glen Riddle Golf Club – War Admiral Course

Glen Riddle Golf Club’s War Admiral Course is one golf vacation destination that pays homage to the great origin of golf and to the breathtaking Maryland scenery. It brings out the best of both, and the best and most memorable of games for every golfer who comes its way.

 Stretching to over 6,868 yards of pure golfing goodness, the 18-hole, par-72 War Admiral Course winds through a mature forest and has a whole array of wild and rugged bunkers. While its sibling Man of War course takes the golfers to a British Isles golf experience and they have to brave the eastern shore winds, this course at the Glen Riddle Golf Club has a calmer atmosphere. But that shouldn’t make it any easier than the other. The trees that grow abundantly in the forest surrounding it will give golfers a head- and heartache sooner or later in the game. But the scenic views around the tidal marsh – which comes into play on five of the eighteen holes – are just so breathtaking they have the power to neutralize whatever pains a bad score card can give. Golf trips here are made of beautiful views and game-winning (or heartbreaking!) shots – nevertheless, memorable.

 To whatever it pays homage to, the War Admiral Course clearly has given justice to it. And it would give all its worth for every mile that a golfer would go through to spend a golf vacation here. If this isn’t the best golf course hereabouts, then the best must be unborn yet.


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