Glen Riddle Golf Club – Man of War Course

Windswept and lovestruck might be the two things in common that golfers experience after a round of golf at the Man of War course of the Glen Riddle Golf Club. This golf vacation destination in Maryland that used to be a racetrack that trained the best of Maryland’s thoroughbreds, will surely take its visitors to a different time and a different place where the only thing that matters is golf and nothing else.

The Man of War course was patterned after the courses of the British Isles and has the signature large greens, double fairways, pot bunkers, sand dunes, and the soft to moderate blows of eastern shore winds. The wisps of winds could be as soft as whispers or strong enough to break any golfer’s game, but will leave a smile worth a thousand vacations elsewhere. The old racetrack, the surroundings and the atmosphere of vintage golfing makes one feel like not being in Maryland at all, but somewhere in a place and time when golf was just a young sport. The 18-hole par-72 Joel Weiman design brings about the best of links golf and the best of golf vacations in a single package.

Stretching to over 7,163 yards of golf from the back tees, the Man of War course of the Glen Riddle Golf Club is nothing but pure golfing goodness. From scenery to high-quality play to just about everything, there is nothing here to love but just golf. It’s a perfect love affair for people who are bound in marriage to the sport. Golf trips here would definitely leave any golfer falling in love with the sport over and over and over.


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