Tucson National – Sonoran Course

For the purists and tradition-loving golfers, the Sonoran Course of the Tucson National Golf Club pales in comparison to its sibling Catalina course. The Catalina Course has 50 long glorious years of wonderful history, a favorite competition host and golf vacation destination. The Sonoran Course is a young course, opened in 2005 with quite a few big recognitions to its name. But to the golfer who delights himself in challenges and stepping his game up, the Sonoran Course is paradise. And it’s quite a looker too!

The 18-hole Tom Lehman designed Sonoran Course of the Tucson National Golf Club has wonderful views of the Sonoran desert which could lure golfers into thinking it is a relatively plain and calm desert course. But its 69 huge bunkers, 2 lakes and very dramatic elevation changes are not for the faint of heart. It is one crazy ride of dips and falls and hazards of thick desert bushes. The rolling fairways of this golf trip favorite adds more twist to this already twisted-ly challenging course.

Puritans and radicals may never come to agree on which is better than the two Tucson National courses. But one thing remains undeniable: the Sonoran Course of the Tucson National Golf Club is more than just the usual golf vacation spot. It offers a brand of challenge that’s uniquely its own; it is something both an old-time conventional golfer and the modern golfer would love. Simply said, it is on its way to making a name for itself – the kind that could equal that of its sister course.


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