Troon North Golf Club – Pinnacle Course

When Tom Weiskopf first built the Pinnacle Course at the Troon North Golf Club, along with its sibling course The Monument, the whole Arizona golfing community was raving about it. It became the benchmark of desert courses with its spectacular views and challenging layout. When Tom Weiskopf redesigned the course, Pinnacle Course almost became synonymous to the best desert golf trips and memorable shots.

The picturesque golf vacation destination was made to capture the best views of the Sonoran Desert and the Pinnacle Peak, as well as the heart of every avid golfer that comes its way. True, the Pinnacle Course at the Troon North Golf Club is difficult, but the kind of difficult that makes one fall for it over and over – like a woman testing her persevering suitor to win her over. The now par-71 Pinnacle has wide fairways and several testy shots that follow the natural contours of the desert bed. Its signature hole is a bunker-guarded 16th hole that requires water play and is welcomed by a dogleg for the 17th.

The original Pinnacle Course at the Troon North Golf Club was already beautiful and one of the top caliber courses in Arizona. In its newly renovated form, it’s just phenomenal. Whatever was running in Tom Weiskopf’s mind when he decided to redo the whole course in its prime doesn’t matter in comparison with the results of his renovation. The designer and the golf vacation haven both outdid themselves and ended up making each visiting golfer happy and beyond satisfied with the kind of play offered by the Pinnacle Course.


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