Troon North Golf Club – Monument Course

The only one who can better a man is himself. So when an artist decides to re-work his own creation, expect the outcome to be a better, more improved version of the original. This was what happened with the Troon North Golf Club in Arizona. It was already beautiful and excellent when it first opened in 1990, and only the word “more” could be said of it after its major renovation in 2007. Its original creator, Tom Weiskopf, outdid himself in the renovation and one look at the Monument Course of the Troon North Golf Club and its sibling course, the Pinnacle, could tell why it has received so much merits, in the old and new faces of this golf vacation destination.

The Monument Course of the Troon North Golf Club now holds as its front nine what used to be the Pinnacle course’s front nine. It still has the best views of the Sonora desert and the mountains around it. The golf vacation favorite boasts of plays featuring wide fairways, high lipped bunkers, natural washes, boulders and mounds that could come into play to make or break the best of games. Each shot is made unique by the lush desert vegetation and huge saguaro cacti dotting the course. The beauty of the desert and the challenge posed by its unique terrain all make for a very fun and highly exciting game.

 It’s not surprising that the Monument Course of the Troon North Golf Club is a favorite for golf trips, and a favorite for the biggest golf course awards, including the No. 1 Arizona Golf Course by both Golfweek and Golf Magazine. Only time will tell what it could become if Tom Weiskopf decides to make another overhaul on the course. It could be beyond the thinkable best.


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