How to Deal With Par 3’s

If you want to make a successful career in golf, you must be able to get across the variety of challenges in the layout when consistently playing. And in order to do this, you must broaden your knowledge about golf and further enhance your golfing skills. Among the many other things that you must improve is how to effectively go about the diverse pars of each hole. There are already plenty of golf tips on how to get good swings but rarely on how to go about the pars. Below are some ideas that will guide you in dealing with par 3’s of your golf game.

If you miss a green when playing with par 3’s, the chances of making a birdie would already seem impossible. For some golfers, missing the green on a par-3 play, a bogey can already be considered as a good fortune. However, if you already know how to confront the greens, then you can be on your way to a flourishing golf career.

One thing that you must consider is choosing the right golf club for the shot that you will be taking. Also, you must take note of the surrounding terrain in order to determine the location of the green slopes. This can be very crucial since you will be aiming for the green. After that, you must find out the location of the green from the tee-box. The idea here is that once you already know the placement of the greens on the layout, you will already be able to determine what kind of shot to take and what kind of golf club to use.


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