Hitting the Fairways More Often

Who would not want to hit the fairways more often? Golfers would prefer to have the straight short shots as long as it hits the fairways than ending up in the traps. For some golfers, an errant drive can be easily recovered especially when they are already confident enough. But for the high-handicappers, missing the fairways can be a big struggle. Even the professionals that misfire would wish that they could have hit more.

Here are some points to consider for better chances of hitting the fairways:

First, set up the appropriate stance applicable for the shot as this will affect your swing. If you want to get good shots, have the right stance that fits your club as well as your physical attributes. For the advanced golfers, in order to avoid getting the ball to a certain area in the right, they would eliminate the outside-in swing and take the right-to-left spin. A slightly closed stance will do.

Second, have the right grip. The way you position your hands would often dictate the kind of swing. Make sure that the club handle is gripped more by the fingers and see to it that the basic V-shape is formed between your thumbs and that the index finger must point at your right shoulder. This kind of grip will ensure an appropriate hand position at address.

Third, take the swing power from your backswing. The secret to getting successful power shots is by getting all your bigger muscles involved. The longer and slower backswings, the greater power you are building. Once you are already used to the motion, hitting the fairways is no longer an issue.

And lastly, make sure that the club head is set to get your desired shot. An open clubface is generally different from the closed face. The open will generate the clockwise sidespin while the closed produces a spin to the left.

There are already plenty of golf resources that offer various techniques to help you get through the fairway challenges. What is important is that you learn to incorporate them properly in your drills or warm ups.


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