Quick Tips on How to Accelerate the Putter Effectively

Finishing a round of golf usually involves the short putts. And the acceleration of the putter once it hits the ball would contribute to the success of any shots whether it’s short or at a substantial distance. Here are some quick tips on how to effectively accelerate the putter head and make rewarding shots:

  • Start with the simplest putting exercise. Try to locate a hole with a flat and straight surface. Then secure a comfortable stance while holding the appropriate golf club. Take a 3-feet distance from the hole and start putting towards the hole.
  • Try to visualize the golf ball to its target point and try to focus on the putting process rather than the outcome.
  • Once you are already oriented with the putting shots on the practice area, take the acquired skill to the course.
  • Make sure that your hands are positioned ahead of the ball in order to prevent having the excessive wrist motion when already swinging.
  • You can also try the left-hand low grip if preferred. This will prevent your hands from releasing too much.
  • See to it that the clubface is facing the target and that the putter head is just moving to the ground level, square to the target point.

These are simple techniques that will guide you during warm ups or in the actual competition. In order to come up with an effective putt, have a comfortable grip that you find effective in handling putting shots. The more control you have with your grips, the better putter acceleration you’ll get.


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