Boosting Your Golf Swings with Hard Hitting Workouts

If you want to make a career in golf, better start with getting good golf swings. The secret of the golf masters is simple. They have the perfect golf swing. And in order to play like any of the golf legends, you must acquire that kind of swing. The key to achieving that ideal swing is to have the smart strength training program that fits you. Here are some of the hard hitting workouts that will help you achieve your goal in becoming one of the world’s finest golf athletes.

The first one is doing the Kettlebell Swings. One of the most popular Kettlebell Swings workouts is the 2-arm kettlebell swing. This kind of exercise has been considered as one of the best technique in order to work out that posterior chain muscles like the hamstrings, low back and glutes. If you are a golfer then this will help you develop better posture and lessens the possibility of experiencing the very common back pains.

Here are the simple steps:

  • Pick up the kettlebell from the ground from between your legs that are apart by performing a squat.
  • After getting hold of the kettlebell, allow it to hang freely at your groin.
  • Now, you can start extending and flexing your knees and hips and create the needed momentum to make the kettleball swing forming the arc like fashion.
  • If preferred, you can swing the kettlebell all the way to your chest level.
  • In doing this, make sure that your shoulders are retracted; abs tight, and your knees and hips lock out during the swing lift.

Another hard hitting exercise is the Kettlebell See Saw Presses. This kind of workout will strengthen your shoulder muscles as well as your core. All you have to do is to secure a good flat training space and of course, a pair of kettlebells.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Make a stance with feet slightly wider than the shoulder width apart and the kettlebells must be on the ground between your feet.
  • Then, with your body that is locked and tensed, clean and rack the kettlebells all the way to your chest.
  • From below the chin, try to lift one bell all the way up and press it above the head.
  • After the press and lowering the bell, the opposite kettlebell must already be in a racked position below the chin before the other bell comes to rest.
  • Continue the up and down motion until you create a momentum mimicking a see saw.

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