Win Golf Rounds with Custom Built Golf Clubs

If you are a recreational golf player and has been playing golf for quite a long time already and has not improved in your golf game, there must be something wrong. In the game of golf, there are plenty of factors that affect one’s performance. It can be the swing, the stance, or the grip. However, only few consider the importance of having a perfectly suited golf club. Using the right kind and right size of golf club can contribute a lot in terms of executing out your winning swings.

At present, there are plenty of golf shops that sell the best brands of golf clubs that fit a standard size. This is the main reason why aspiring golfers always end up getting the wrong kind of club that fits their built. You see, buying golf clubs is somewhat similar to buying shoes. You need to get the perfectly fitted size in order to use it comfortably. If you would not want to use a shoe that does not fit you, you would not also want to purchase a golf club that you are not comfortable with. A tall golf player must have the club with the right size and length that can carry their swing. If a 6-footer golfer plays with a short golf club, chances are he or she will end up hitting the ball thin or topping the ball. It will also result in a poor posture as it would require bending over too far. Same holds true for a short golfer who uses longs golf clubs. There would be greater chances of getting an incorrect shaft flex.

Here are the results of a Golf Magazine poll on golfers who used the appropriate golf clubs that were customized for their built:

  • 78% improved their golf game
  • 49% cut 3-4 strokes off the game
  • 33% cut 5 strokes off the game
  • 15% knocked 2 strokes from the game

You can have the customized golf clubs that are not too expensive. Some of the high quality brands offer discounted prices. If you would want to make it on top of the golf industry, why settle for something that would jeopardize your performance. Get the perfectly built golf clubs and take note of the progress as you move along.


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