Wild Turkey Golf Course

New Jersey GolfThe Wild Turkey Golf Course is Roger Rulewich’s second golf masterpiece in Crystal Springs Resort. Considered as an awe-inspiring encore to the Ballyowen, the layout depicts the “basin & ridge” topography. Although this golf course has been classified as having a combined design from its sister courses, Wild Turkey prevailed as one unique golf gem that was hailed by the NJGCOA as among “New Jersey’s Top New Public Courses”.

Wild Turkey’s basin area is comprised of the #3 hole and the rest of the #12 through #17 holes. This area of the golf course reminds of Ballyowen’s treeless expanse. At the 14th tee that plays a par-3 offers the golfers the entire view of the hollow while they confront the deep green. Most of the holes in the basin area would require precision and strategy on the approach shot. At the 15th hole, golfers will have their fair share of the course’s majestic views. The ridge area on the other hand has the holes #1, #4, #10, and #18.

Aside from the tough golf holes, Wild Turkey also features the elevation changes as well as New Jersey Golfthe risk and reward options. Holes #7, #15, #16, and #17 are highlighted by water obstacles that would test every golfer’s ability even that of the professionals. The layout’s signature hole at #7 that plays a par-3 would require golfers a forced carry over an existing quarry lake all the way to the well-covered intimidating target.


What make Wild Turkey a popular golf course are the contoured greens, multiple tee locations, and the wide fairways that even beginners would dare to try. The club also features a practice range, full pro shop, clubhouse, and a restaurant where guests can relax after a challenging round at the greens.


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